Quote: 'There's room for Islam in Europe'

Quote: 'There's room for Islam in Europe'

Q: You write the values in the EU are based on the Jewish-Christian tradition? Does this mean that there's no room for Islam?

A: In Europe there's absolutely room for Islam. No discussion about it. We have now about 25 million Muslims in the EU. Of 500 million residents in total. We support a European Islam.

Q: Describe that European Islam, such as you consider desirable.

A: I can't explain that theologically, but we are acquainted with fundamentalist Islam. Look at the Taliban. I don't wnat that.

When I speak of European Islam, I mean Islam such as we see in Transvaal, the 'attention neighborhood' (ie, problem neighbrhood) of the Hague. With mosques and people who simply work, children who go to school, and women who participate.

Q: But are you not afraid that by Turkey joining, the percentage of Muslims within the EU would be too big?

A: Our starting point is that it should be as easy to build a church in Turkey as [it is] to build a mosque in Rotterdam. In our eyes, Turkey is not yet ready for it.

If Turkey adapts and will implement the agreements with the EU in a decent manner, they're welcome. But when that is? That we don't know.

- Wim van de Camp, leader of Dutch party Christian Democractic Appeal, in a newspaper interview.

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