Netherlands: Most insults on the net directed at Muslims

Netherlands: Most insults on the net directed at Muslims

Illegal insults on the internet mostly relate to Muslims, Turks and Moroccans. The annual report of the Meldpunt Discriminatie Internet (MDI, Complaints Bureau for Discrimination on the Internet) shows that these groups are hardest pressed on Dutch sites.

Of the 899 illegal insults which the MDI was tipped about, 524 were directed at Muslims, Moroccans and Turks last year.  The Bureau found many insulting remarks about Marrocans at sites where everybody can leave jokes.  the administrators removed the jokes at once when they were shown the contents.

Four of the seven complaints by the MDI were brought to a judge.  Three led to convictions and a fourth to acquittal.  The public prosecution appealed.  The issue regards the comment "Islam is really a problem in the Netherlands and the rest of the Western Countries.  With an invasion of more than 1 million Berber apes we can speak about a menacing third world war.  Nazi's were nothing compared to it."

According to MDI and the public prosecution the text is insulting, according to the judge it's not.

MDI lodged a complaint for the second time against a man who calls himself a 'fundamentalist Hindu' and based on that conviction insults everybody and everything on the internet.  An earlier complaint was put aside, since the man was not fully accountable for his acts.  Since the hate site is still online and the complaints continue to come in, MDI wants a court decision.

Discriminating texts come in particularly at news sites were readers can respond.  News reports which report the nationalities of those involved lead to many insulting responses.

Antisemitic remarks appear especially on extreme-right sites.  But also on Hyves and YouTube Jews are often insulted.  In 2008 MDI counted 213 punishable antisemitic remarks.

Source: AD (Dutch)

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