Netherlands: Continuing marriage-immigration 'unbearable burden'

Netherlands: Continuing marriage-immigration 'unbearable burden'

The continuing influx of lowly-educated marriage partners from Morocco is an unbearable burden for Dutch society. Despite all the energy and money that we invest in integration, it's like running on the spot as long as the new  underprivileged come in, says the Minister of Integration Van der Laan in an interview in De Telegraaf. 

The successor of Ella Vogelaar concludes after six months in the ministry that it's above Dutch capability: A teacher will always say: this newcomer may come into the class, but I see that it is too difficult.

The cabinet is seeking a better lock on the door.  Since the stricter demands for family reunification under former minister Verdonk also don't work sufficiently well.  Moroccan men evade the income and education demands by smuggling their brides in via Belgium, admits the Labor minister.

"This has nothing to with free love, either," says Van der Laan. Many Moroccan men deliberately go to look for a traditional wife from their motherland, instead of choosing an undisciplined woman in the Netherlands.  That is also a problem for the well integrated, ambitious girls, thinks the minister.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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