Netherlands: PVV backs down from Wilders' statement

Netherlands: PVV backs down from Wilders' statement

Geert Wilders was interviewed on Danish TV a few days ago and said that millions and tens of millions of Muslims will be deported from Europe if they deal in crime or pursue Jihad and Sharia.  Up until now Wilders only said that criminal Muslims with double citizenship will be deported, and his recent interview received a lot of condemnation.

The party now took a step back and announced that the PVV wants to make it possible to deport criminals with double nationality after de-naturalization.  The same holds for people with double nationality who, for example, pursue sharia and refuse to sign an assimilation contract which disqualifies it.

The PVV also introduces the idea of an assimilation contract.  An idea which Wilders raised in an interview three years ago, but which contradicts Wilders' current notion that Muslims believe in the Islamic idea of takkiya.  Under a non-Muslim administration, they may , according to Wilders, lie and cheat and even tear the Koran to pieces if need be in order to mislead unbelievers.  "You never know," according to Wilders.  According to this reasoning, it is actually impossible for Muslims to prove that they mean well and signing an assimilation contract means nothing.

Meanwhile, Integration Minister Eberhard van der Laan (Labor) is on the attack against the PVV.  He thinks that Wilders is exaggerating the number of Muslims in Europe and the number who pursue Sharia.

Wilders counts all Muslims in gegoraphic Europe, including Russia and the European part of Turkey, which is estimated at 50 million.  He points to studies in European countries which show that considerable Muslim minorities are pro-Sharia.  Van der Laan looks at the EU, with 20 million Muslims and says he does not know of those studies regarding attitudes towards Sharia.  He says that the ideas of Wilders conflict with the constitutional state. 

Source: De Pers (Dutch)

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