Germany: Dutch soldier killed during shooting practice

Germany: Dutch soldier killed during shooting practice

Update: I originally guessed that Ahmadi was Moroccan, based on what I was reading in Moroccan forums. A friend of his corrected me below, though he did not add more information. Based on his condolence register, it seems he's Pakistani, but since the news are keeping silent at this point, this is only a guess.


A Dutch soldier was killed during a military training exercise in Germany Wednesday morning. The 25 year old soldier is soldier second class Tareq Ahmadi from Echt in Limburg, according to the Defense Ministry. The family of the victim has been informed.

The incident took place around 10 AM during a shooting exercise in the rifle range at the NATO Bergen-Hohne Training Area, not far from Hanover and Bremen. The soldier died immediately, according to Defense. There was no time to bring him to a hospital.

The commander of the army, Lt. Gen. Rob Bertholee, currently in Canada said that his thought go first to those nearest Ahmadi. On behalf of the Royal Army he wishes them strength in coping with this tragic loss.

The Royal Constabulary and the Dtuch Safety Board are inveistinging the facts. Soldier Ahmadi is of the 11th Air Assault Brigade. The Constabulary will investigate, as it always does in such incidents, if negligence led to the fatal incident.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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