Germany: 30-40 Islamists in terrorist training camps

Germany: 30-40 Islamists in terrorist training camps

According to a previous article, about 140 German Muslims received Jihadist training in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  Of those, 60-80 have returned to Germany.  If this article is correct and there are 'only' 30-40 left, it means that there's about 100-110 of them in Germany.


In the so called 'terror camps' in Afghanistan and Pakistan there are, according to terror expert Rolf Tophoven, currently 30 to 40 Islamists from Germany.  The Head of the  Institute for Terrorism Research and Security Policy (IFTUS) in Essen told Neuen Presse that the security services have been aware for some time that decision has been made in the inner circle of al-Qaeda to attack Germany.

There is concern due to the calls in the threat videos there's movement of militant Islamists and converts in Germany in Afghan and Pakistani training camps.

Tophoven says that the question is whether they train for operations against the Germany army in Afghanistan, or whether they want to commit an attack in Germany.  It could be that they would want to cause a massive response in the German people through an attack, in order to influence political decision - for example, the deployment of the German army in Afghanistan.

Source: (German), h/t PI-News

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