Europe: Iranians mobilizing

Europe: Iranians mobilizing

Though there doesn't seem to be widespread concern within the European Muslim community, Iranians in Europe are mobilizing in support of the protesters in Iran.  Whether by demonstrations or by trying to keep the issue alive through online activism

Iranians in Europe are also helping their brothers publicize what's happening in Iran.  The death of Neda Soltani was made public by an Iranian asylum seeker in the Netherlands:

Shortly after 5pm on Saturday ­afternoon, Hamed, an Iranian asylum seeker in the ­Netherlands, took a frantic call from a friend in Tehran.

"A girl has just been killed right next to me," the friend said. It had all ­happened quickly. A young woman, chatting on her mobile phone, had been shot in the chest. She faded before a doctor, who was on the scene, could do anything to help.

There was more. Hamed's friend, who does not want to be named, filmed the incident on his phone. Within moments the footage had landed in Hamed's inbox. Five minutes later it was on YouTube and Facebook.

Within hours it had become one of the most potent threats faced by the ­Iranian regime in 30 years.

"He asked me, is it possible to publish everything right now," Hamed said. "I published it on YouTube and Facebook and five minutes later it started to get many emails and messages and it ­published everywhere.

"It shocked me very, very much and I was sure at that time everyone in the world if they see this movie they'll be shocked, and I felt that I must broadcast it because I try to show to the world what is going on in my country."

In another case, pictures showing Iranian riot police breaking car windows, supposedly in order to blame protesters for vandalism, were sent to the Norwegian news site by a student in Iran.    Apparently, a student with Norwegian connections.

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