Quote: I'm better for Muslims than a Muslim

Quote: I'm better for Muslims than a Muslim
Update: Full translation of the interview at Gates of Vienna.

The following interview has many choice quotes, of which I bring the last question.

Q: Finally: We've heard many promises. Why should Muslims trust that you will keep them?

A: People just need to google my name and they could see everything that I've done in the past. I also appear on TV programs in the Middle East. From both sides I try to cultivate understanding. It is also easier for me to stand up for Muslims than somebody with a Muslim background. For such a person, people could think that he has another agenda. Additionally, I also understand the ideas of the ethnic Dutch, therefore I can also 'deal' with them. I understand both opinions well and I have both worlds united in me.

-- Rena Netjes, candidate for the Dutch CDA party (Christian Democratic Appeal) for the European elections, in an interview by the al-Yaqeen site.


Netjes runs a company for Arabic and Hebrew language training, is dual city councillor in the Amsterdam city council for the CDA, and is now 13 on the list for the European elections. She is married to an Egyptian Muslim (she says in the interview that she'd never met such a respectable man as him in the Netherlands).

She was interviewed by the al-Yaqeen site, the site of "hate imam" Fawaz of the As-Soennah mosque in the Hague. De Telegraaf reports that she was 'not completely happy' with the interview.

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