The 5 pillars of protestantism

A new idea from one of the Netherland's theologians: if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. People are attracted to Islam, so why not copy what works? Klein Verzet has a report on idea of Bart Robbers.
His new "5 pillars", copied from the five pillars of Islam are as follows:

1. A daily praise to the Eternal at the start of the day.

2. Every week, if possible with family or cohabitants, honoring and a prayer for the memory of loved ones, evening prayer, for instance on Friday.

3. Celebrating in the community or at home the important days: The Christ celebrations of the birth of the Lord (This is a literal translation. Why isn't he just saying Christmas? -KV), the three days of Easter, Pentecost - or also other days to be honored.

4. Once every year going into retraite for at least three days in a spiritual surrounding, if possible with memebrs of your relgious community.

5. Once in ones life a year of special service [to the community or society]

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