Belgium: illegal smuggling case

This is a story from last week.

The trial of twelve people accused of running a large scale illegal alien smuggling ring has started in Brussels. The twelve form the Belgian part of a ring which had branches in France, the Netherlands, Germany and Turkey and especially in the UK. The ring smuggled more than 100,000 illegal aliens for substantial sums. One of the accused who is suspected of being one of the leaders of the gang failed to appear in court.

According to the Center for Equal Opportunities the smugglers mistreated their customers. They paid enormous amounts of money, and women ran the risk of being sexually abused. There are also indications that some illegals found themselves in prostitution. Women who wanted to protect their honor had to pay more.

The smugglers also demanded more money for smuggling children. A woman offered to pay 15,000 pound to transport herself and her two children, but the organization didn't think it was enough "because children are more important and worth more money". They also gave children sedatives during transport so that they would not make any noise.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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