Damascus: Embassy planned kids' abduction

The Dutch embassy in Syria offered to help the Dutch kids who'd been abducted by their father. This, according to Ammar Hafez, 13, who had just recently returned from a half year stay in the embassy.

"Our mother came here in June." Says Ammar, "She stopped also by the embassy. They they told her that if Sara and Ammar want to go back to the Netherlands, they could come to the embassy."

The Dutch Foreign Ministry denies that the embassy had given such advice to the family. According to a spokesman, the embassy came into play only when the kids came to the gates of the embassy. The kids fled from their father after receiving a call from their mother in the Netherlands.

The kids' father had accused the embassy from the start of collaborating in the abduction of his kids.

More interviews (in Dutch) can be seen on the site of Jeugdjournaal.

Source: Nu.nl (Dutch)

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