Sint Niklaas: Shooter intended to shoot Moroccans

Two men and one woman were shot down on a street in Sint Niklaas Saturday night. One of the suspected shooters has declared that he wanted to shoot Moroccans.

The incident started after a birthday party in the Mike's Garage cafe. Gunter V.C. (28), drunk and under the influence of drugs, went after the party with three other friends to his girlfriend's house, right above the cafe. At some point around 3AM the friends decided to shoot at passerbys. A housewife and two young men, one of whom is a Moroccan, were hit. The Moroccan youth got a bullet in the back, but has since left the hospital. The second victim got a bullet in the head, which must be removed in an operation. The third victim was superficially wounded.

After the shooting, a large police force showed up. Gunther was arrested on the spot, and two of his friends were caught later. A fourth shooter is still on the run.

According to a reconstruction of the events on Sunday afternoon, all four friends took turns at shooting. During the reconstruction Gunther declared that he was a right wing extremist and that he intended to shoot Moroccans on the street.

According to the public prosecution two of the suspects have clear extreme right views, but it is yet unclear whether there was any connection between that and the shooting.

Source: Het Nieuwsblad (Dutch)

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