Amsterdam: Mosques in vacant offices

Vacant offices in Amsterdam might serve as prayer rooms for immigrants, such as mosques. There is great demand for space for the diverse religions, as well as vacancies in many office buildings.
The newly created office chief Cor Brandsema is currently researching on behalf of the municipality how the enormous vacancy rate of offices (18%) can be brought down by finding other uses for the many buildings . "One of the possibilities is indeed a religious space. Especially in Amsterdam-Southeast the demand is very big and the offer of religious space is small. Vacant office buildings might be a good alternative." he explains.
Currently there are 1.2 million sqm.of vacant office space in Amsterdam. 480,000 sqm. will in all probability not be used for commercial use in the future and therefore should new uses should be found for them.
Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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Ferdy said...

More socialist policies -> economy reacts -> more offices vacant -> more mosques -> more socialist voters -> more socialist policies

They have invented perpetual motion!