Norway: Norwegians completed al-Qaida course

Two men from Norway are among a group of Muslims who reportedly have been trained as terrorists by al-Qaida in Pakistan.

Twelve Muslims from Norway, Australia and Great Britain have completed a one-year training course conducted by al-Qaida, reports news magazine Newsweek.

The magazine claimed the course participants are already back in their respective countries, ready to lead terrorist cells and carry out bloody terrorist attacks when commanded to do so.

Newsweek based its report on information from a former prisoner at Guantanamo, known for having close links to both the Taliban and al-Qaida. The magazine's other source is a man using the name Omar Farooqi, who previously was an intelligence chief for the Taliban.

Farooqi said he spent five weeks involved in the training of the 12 foreign al-Qaida recruits in an area along the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The group was known as "The English Brothers" because they spoke English amongst themselves.

The training reportedly ended in October, and the 12 recruits traveled home via Great Britain. Norwegian anti-terrorist experts declined comment on the report Monday morning.
Source: Aftenposten (English)

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