Belgium: Embezzlement suspicions by Muslim Executive of Belgium

Upon request by the Brussels investigating magistrate, house searches were conducted again Tuesday, in the scope of new suspicions of embezzlement by the Muslim Executive of Belgium (EMB)

The newspaper Le Soir wrote Tuesday that house searches had already been conducted on Monday. The residences of former president Mohamed Boulif and his brother-in-law were searched and computers and documents taken away.

The house searches are based on an investigation of an accountant that was taken by the magistrate to insect the accounts of the non-profit organization Gestion de l'Exécutif des Musulmans de Belgique.

The magistrate started the investigation after a complaint by the Ministry of Justice, on basis of an audit by an accountant, of suspicions of embezzlement by the former leaders of the Mulsim executive.

The investigation is concentrating on invoices that the organizaiton received from two companies in which the former president had family of even personal interests.

The investigators also want to check why somebody paid the Vorst prison the canteen costs of prisoner Nizar Trabelsi in the name of the organization. This was a limited amount, according to the Brussels public prosection.

The magistrate had already lead an investigation earlier on suspicions of embezzlement by Boulif's predecessor, Nordin Maloujahmoum. However he was aquitted of charges in June 2005.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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