Syria: Celebrating St Nicholas in the Dutch embassy

Sara and Ammar, the two Dutch kids who fled their father in Syria and are taking refuge in the Dutch embassy are still there. Five months later.

This past weekend the Dutch celebrated the Feast of St. Nicholas and the two kids got a visit from Saint Nicholas himself. St. Nicholas was visiting various expats throughout the day and decided he couldn't skip the two.

According to their mother they were very excited and called her up. She is realizing that they're starting to reconcile themselves to the fact that they're still there and though she is glad they're not as agitated as they used to be, she still hopes they'll be coming home soon.

Together with De Telegraaf she has set up the Ammar and Sara foundation (Stichting Ammar en Sara). The two kids have received many presents while they're staying in the embassy. The foundation will serve as a fund to buy them gifts when they come home, as well as putting in money for an educational fund.

Source: Telegraaf 1, 2 (Dutch)

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