eBay removes "Mohammed" print

"Music for Life" is a Belgian project designed to collect money for the Red Cross (see Wikipedia for more details). This year they collected money for victims of land mines.

This year as part of the money raising activities they auctioned off a print of a pen, with the proceeds to go to the Red Cross. The print appeared earlier this year in the Belgian magazine Knack. It was drawn by Knack's cartoonist, Gerard Alsteens when the Mohammed cartoon controversy broke out.

The print depicts a man with one broken leg which is replaced by a crutch.

However, eBay has decided to remove the print from their auction site. The reason? According to eBay: "Sellers may not offer objects that lead to hate, violence, propagate intolerance on the basis of ethnic origin or objects that promote organizations with such a philosophy."

Knack is now auctioning off the print on its own site.

Sources: Nu.nl (Dutch), Knack (Dutch)

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