UK: Dutch Muslim held for terrorism

A Dutch Muslim women is in jail in the UK on suspicion of involvement in terrorism. The women has been identified as Bouchra el H., 24. Her English-Syrian husband, Yassin N., 27, is sitting in jail since May 30th for planning terror attacks. Bouchra el H. is being accused of keeping silent on her husband's plans, a punishable crime in the UK since 2000.

According to British Justice officials, Bouchra wrote a letter in which she applauded her husband's intentions of jihad. She also glorified her own martyrdom and had plans to offer up her son Mohammed (now 1 year old) as martyr.

Her Dutch lawyer, Bart Nooitgedagt, says that Bouchra never had plans to commit terror attacks and that her letter was only "poetic".

The British arrested the couple on May 30th upon arrival at Luton Airport. The wife was originally freed that same day. The Dutch national criminal investigations then searched a house in Eindhoven and in Bouchra's parents' house. The couple's house in London was also searched. Bouchra's martyr letter was found on her husband's confiscated laptop. She was arrested again on Sep. 7th. The case against them is scheduled to start in May 2007.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)

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