Egypt: Europeans arrested on charges of terrorism

According to the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Egyptian police arrested nine French, four Belgians and an American on charges of belonging to a secret Islamic organization that had connections with known terror groups outside the country. Several Tunisians and Syrians were arrested as well.

Egypt accuses them of trying to recruit and indoctrinate others and that members of the organization were preparing to commit attacks in Iraq.The organization honored the Takfiris and the Jihad and included Arabs and foreigners who lived in Egypt supposedly to study Arabic and Islam. Takfiris are Muslims who see anybody who disagrees with them, Muslim or non-Muslim, as legitimate targets.

According to the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs three of the Belgians arrested are Moroccan-Belgians and one is Turkish-Belgian. There are no current legal investigation against them in Belgium.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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According to De Standaard the four Belgians were arrested in two difference cases. Egypt arrested two Belgians (ages 28 and 24). Saudi Arabia arrested two Belgians (ages 25 and 26) involved in a raid. Security sources in Belgium said nothing was known about all four.

Source: De Standaard (Dutch)

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