Belgium: Jewish group attacked by Turks

A group of about 60 Antwerp Jews out on a weekend trip was attacked last Thursday night in the town of Beringen. On counsel of the police, the group returned back to Antwerp that night.

The incident started when a group of Orthodox Jewish kids ages 13-15 came with several adult escorts to the town in order to spend the weekend. The kids had spent the day having fun and had come to Beringen to sleep over at a youth hostel. Once the kids stepped out of the buses, they were immediately attacked by a group of Turks who threw stones at them and yelled anti-Semitic slurs. The Jewish kids took cover in an inner corridor of the youth hostel. The Turks threw stones and concrete blocks, breaking dozens of windows in various buildings. Glass and stone fragments littered the floor and beds.

(VRT, results of the attack)

The police showed up but the violence continued for about another hour. Even after police managed to get things under control, the Turkish youth kept hanging round the building. The police informed the organizers of the trip that they could not guarantee the safety of the children and at that the organizers decided to cut short the trip and the group returned to Antwerp.

Ten people were arrested later on, among them six minors and four adults.

Sources: Beringen town site (Dutch), HLN (Dutch)


News article in English on JTA

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Anonymous said...

In other words, "The police could not guarantee protection against hoodlums." Which means, welcome once again to the 1930s of Europe where the Nazis terrorised non-Nazis, today you have the partners of Nazis terrorizing innocents (once again).

The silence IS SO LOUD