Belgian Eid ul-Adha round-up

The Moroccan community celebrated Eid ul-Adha this Saturday.
Animaux en PĂ©ril protested outside the slaughterhouse. The protesters wearing sheep-masks lay down on the ground with bloody hands and neck in order to portray the suffering of the sheep. On Saturday afternoon GAIA organized a protest in Maasmechelen since the mayor allowed home slaughter there.

The Turkish community will be celebrating the holiday on Sunday. Two slaughter places will stay open then and there are 560 people expected.

Another slaughterhouse will be open in Dendermonde, serving about 1,150 families. This brings the total up to 4,000 families which is less than last year. According to Akhandaf due to the timing of the holiday this year (during the holiday break) many Muslims are currently visiting their families outside the country. Many families also choose to pay a financial gift as an alternative for slaughter.

Muslims in Brussels could use three slaughterhouses in Anderlech, Molenbeek and Brussals itself. In Anderlecht there were long lines of cars waiting to enter the slaughterhouse parking.

Once inside the Muslims could choose and buy a sheep. Two tents were set up especially for the occasion where the sheep could be slaughtered according to the Muslim ritualistic way. Several people chose to do it on their own while others chose to use a slaughterer. Tea was offered for those who were cold from the wind and rain.

On Sunday the slaughterhouse in Molenbeek will stay open, as well as one in Schaarbeek. Each one of the slaughterhouses can handle abuot 500 sheep. In the general area of Brussels there are 5 private slaughterhouses which can also handle 400-500 sheep.

Sources: De Standaard 1, 2 (Dutch), HLN (Dutch)

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