Amsterdam: Halal Christmas dinner

Residents of the Diamantbuurt in Amsterdam are furious over the intent of organizers of a Christmas dinner to serve only halal food.

All residents recently received an invitation from Cinetol, a center for activities and youth, and the Red Cross, to come to dinner on Saturday, bringing closer together immigrant and ethnic residents. "In itself very nice, but when I read through the letter I was outraged. 'all participants are asked to bring something for the main course. Pay attention, halal would be eaten!' it said. I didn't know what to do with that, this is truly mad," according to a neighborhood resident.

Especially the elderly are upset that halal food is prescribed for a Christian party.

The organization is not aware of any anger. "We have organized this party to bring everybody closer together and therefore have decided to eat halal. But if it annoys the residents, we might bring along other foods. But they have to make that perfectly clear." Says Meriam Tjin a Lin of the organization. "It very much surprises me that people are upset. I had not received yet any complaint."

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)


Anonymous said...

Halal Christmas ..
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Unknown said...

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Esther said...

Hi Luke and anonymous,

The issue of having a halal Christmas dinner has nothing to do with the issue of whether halal is a more or less humane type of slaughter.

The question is why Dutch people coming to a Christmas dinner need to go out and buy specially prepared Halal meat to bring to the party.

The Red Cross was trying to be multicultural but it was taking only one culture into account - that of the immigrants. There are other ways to deal with such a case - after all ,if you go to a potluck dinner, you can eat of whichever dishes nobody forces you to eat from every available dish.

There is also the side issue that Christmas is a Christian holiday. Dutch society would need to grapple with whether and how it becomes a national holiday for all faiths.