Antwerp: Screening fundamentalist Muslims

After the incidents at the Roma theater complex, the Antwerp city council commissioned the local integration service to write a report about the Muslim world in the city.

According to an alderman of the society building cabinet, Chantal Pauwels, there were signals already earlier that pointed to radicalization by specific Muslim groups. "In the report we will try to understand exactly what is going on." says that cabinet head, Erwin Lauriks.

The organization "Youth for Islam" ("Jongeren voor Islam") appears in the report. The organization has a lot of influence by younger Muslims and therefore has a lot of importance. According to Lauriks, the organization is well known by the city services but was not blacklisted as an organization that must be shunned. "Youth for Islam" is described as an organization connected to the Salafists, a neo-fundamentalist tendency.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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