Amsterdam: Victim took out knife first

The fight in the Indian neighborhood which took place in Amsterdam in September, in which 27 year old Mostafa Ait Haddouch was killed was not about a parking place or drugs as previously thought. There were also no lingering conflicts between Antillians and Moroccans.

The fight was actually divided into three fights between different neighbors. Additionally, it turns out that Mostafa was the first one to pull out a knife. Today a judge will start hearing the case and many witnesses are to follow.

The first fight began in the early evening of Sept 20th, when Mostafa drove out backwards in his bus into a street. He ran over a neighbor, David G. (22), who was walking with a friend, Franklin G. (24).

This started a fight between the man. After David went away, a second fight erupted between Frankling and Mostafa, in which Franklin was severely beaten up.

Somewhat later in the evening Franklin and David met with four other friends to drink beer. They saw Mostafa busy with his cellphone and were afraid he was calling up his friend. They stepped over. After some exchange of words, Mostafa took out a knife and went after David. When David got away he went after Franklin, wounding him in the hand. Franklin, in his turn, took out a kninfe and stabbed Mostafa. Mostafa ran into a store and later died.

Mostafa's wife, Hannan Achetouane Ait Haddouch, does not believe this reconstruction and says her husband never walked around with a knife.

Source: Parool (Dutch)

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