Anderlecht: Getting ready for Eid ul-Adha

The municipality of Anderlecht, a suburb of Brussels, is reminding all Muslims that home slaughter is forbidden.

Eid ul-Adha will take place December 30th this year and for that the municipality has set up a temporary slaughter place on the grounds of the Anderlecht slaughter houses. According to the municipality, the police will punish violations and there will also be no containers in which slaughter waste could be deposited.

The temporary slaughter place will be open during the day Saturday. The Muslim community of Anderlecht as well as that of Sint-Gillis, Elsene, Etterbeek, Ukkel and Koekelberg will be able to use the place. Registering slaughters can be done Thursday and Friday by the hygiene department.

On the day of Eid ul-Adha Muslims need to report with their registration at the hygiene service stand and get permission to transport the slaughtered animal. In order to make the slaughter more efficient the municipality asks people to slaughter their sheep on their own. The municipality also announced it will be possible to offer and slaughter animals by the different sheep raisers located around Brussels.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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Anonymous said...

Wheres the animal welfare inspectors to ensure that the persons slaughtering the poor animal do it as quickly as possible? In fact giving permission to the 'do it your selfers' to take the life of the animal leads to the worst possible suffering for the animals.

I can just imagine screw drivers and blunt knives being used to hack at the neck of the sheep because the slaughterer doesnt have any idea as to what to do.

Or does the suffering of the animal not count?

If the blood lust must happen surely it can happen with the animal in mind?