The Hague: High rate of suicide among immigrant girls

The topic of immigrant girl suicide in The Hague is coming more into focus thanks to a municipal project called 'On the borders" (Aan de grenzen). In the past four years an information center was set up, an aftercare project, a pool of "time out" families and a 24 hour crisis line.

The project was started after statistics showed that Surinamese/Hindu and Turkish women between the ages of 15 and 24 were much more likely to attempt suicide than those of Ethnic Dutch descent.

By the Ethnic Dutch 2 in every 1000 girls in that age group will attempt suicide every year. By the Surinamese the number goes up to 4 in every 1000 and by the Turks to 7 in every 1000. The suicide attempts usually have to do with the tensions caused by growing up in two cultures.

The effects of the project are hard to measure directly, but an evaluation showed that the project reaches many immigrant kids and their environment. A discussion group for immigrant girls has been started in seven schools. Meetings have been held with Hindu and Turkish leaders and organizations.

Suicidal kids who land in intensive care units are approached for aftercare help. The subject is brought up in theater and in movies and a lot of energy has been put into a pool of "time out" families, which allow a kid with problems to stay by them for up to 14 days.

Source: Telegraaf (Dutch)


Anonymous said...

It has been commented (see Ayaan Hirsi Ali's 'Infidel') that many 'suicides' among young female immigrants from Muslim cultures are so-called 'Honour Killings' which are covered up to look like suicides. This could, in part, explain why girls from Muslim families have a higher suicide rate than other similar demographic groups.

Anonymous said...

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