Amsterdam: Burqa no reason to cut off benefits

A court in Amsterdam decided that the municipality of Diemen, a suburb of Amsterdam, had wrongly cut off the welfare benefits of a Muslim woman wearing a burqa since she could not get a job after four interviews.

The municipality accused the Muslim woman of "reproachful behavior" that had a direct influence on finding a job.  The judge said the measure of completely cutting off her welfare support for three months was too severe.  The attempts have so far not been exhausted, and the woman can therefore not be asked to give up the garment.

The woman did not get a job by two companies since she wore a burqa.   Another company turned her down after they had first asked for more information.  She herself refused the fourth job since it involved selling lottery tickets.  Though it was possible to do it by telephone from home, she could not take the job because Muslims are not allowed to bet.  According to the judge that municipality should not have expected that she should give an opportunity for betting by selling lottery tickets.

The judge said it was important that the Muslim women had worn the burqa before being considered for assistance and looking for a job.  She was not told then that the garment constituted a problem and it is therefore also unfair to blame her for this now.  The judge also said that the municipality's suggestion to take off the burqa in order to make it easier to find a job was "disproportional".

Source: (Dutch)

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John Sobieski said...

This is so stupid. Dhimmis all around.

Anonymous said...

I've got my burka on and I'm just off to the jobcenter. If they insist I take my burka off I'll claim sex discrimination.

Unknown said...

Burqa saves from many diseases.

Now men are wearing mask to prevent them from swine flue. will they reject this Naqaab.

Islam is always right in each and every aspect.

Only the need is to make minds to accept the realities and not just hate Islam