Why do we need visas anyway?

Why is a French citizen allowed to enter Bahrain with a purchased visa at the airport when a Bahraini must wait for hours on end outside the consulate in Manama?
(..) The other answer, and this must be addressed head-on, is that few Westerners want to blow themselves up in kamikaze operations - thus the requirement to undergo a background check. It may be true that a German will not necessarily embark on a terrorist mission in a Gulf city but this is a facile response.

Dr. Josesph A. Kechichian brushing aside the real reason why travelers worldwide, Muslims and non-Muslims, are subjected to degrading security checks. Must be the "9/11 syndrome".

However, he also ignores the issue of immigration. A French citizen will be given free access to Bahrain since nobody thinks he will overstay his visa. For some reason the French authorities have a more suspicious mind and think everybody wants to move to France.

Source: Gulf News (English)

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Anonymous said...

the answer to this question is quite simple. Just 3 words. Stereotypes, fear, and mistrust. I don't know what could be done to improve the situation. it's impossible to change the beliefs and views of the whole religion. and till it exists, till muslims keep blow themselves up on planes Europeans will be of the same opinion like now...