Denmark: Glostrup acquitted terrorists live in uncertainly

About four months ago, three young suspected terrorists were freed in the "Glostrup Case". since then they have waited since the prosecution wants to retry the case. According to many, an absurdly long time.

In February three of the four suspects were freed after judges overturned a jury decision. The case was then sent back to the prosecution to evaluate if the case should be retried with new judges and new jury.

Thorkild Høyer, representing 18 year old EiH, thinks that such a long time to wait is unacceptable.

Jørn Vestergaard of Copenhagen University agrees. He says it is completely inexcusable that it should take so long and that it isn't very convincing that it should take so long to look for evidence, especially as they're not starting from scratch. He added that they must be working ineffectively if they couldn't get the information they needed.

The three terror suspects had all been in jail for 16 months when they were freed. Since then they can't leave the country and the police have confiscated their passports.

A month ago Høyer requested to get his client's passport so that he could go on holiday with his family, but his request was rejected by the court. Niels Forsby, representing 21 year old IJ has now put in the same request, but it has yet to be processed.

Prosecutor Henning Fode had promised quick handling of the case in February. He now says that they are busy with reviewing the extensive evidence, which includes thousands of phone conversations and computer files. He says that once they finish going through it, they will finally decide if to continue with the case. It is uncertain when the work will end, but he hopes the case will be cleared up as quickly as possible.

Jakob Lund Poulsen, president of the lawyer's council judicial committee explains that the prosecution is looking for new evidence, since only fundamentally new evidence will get the case to be retried.

Source: Berlingske (Danish)

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