Amsterdam: Dijksma against As-Siddieq school

Dutch State Secretary of Education Sharon Dijksma wants the orthodox Muslim As-Siddieq school in Amsterdam to stop "recruiting" kids. For that she would turn to the courts.

Dijksma recently stopped subsidies for three Muslim elementary schools since the education level was under the standard. The schools had to close due to lack of funds.

The As-Siddieq school, which is connected to the El Tawheed mosque in the De Baarsjes neighborhood is now trying to get the 600 students from the three closed schools. This would mean a doubling of the current number of students.

Dijksma thinks it is an unwanted development. She wrote a letter to the city municipality asking them not to cooperate. Dijksma says As Siddieq doesn't hold by the requirements for takeover candidates. The education inspections has been following the school since 2005. The education is on a low level and too little is done for integration.

Godfried Lambriex of the neighborhood administration said in an earlier interview that he considered it undesirable if the students come en masse to De Baarsjes. "There is no room," he said.

Source: Elsevier (Dutch)

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