Belgium: Recognizing mosques

The Walloon Region has recognized the first mosques in Wallonia, 43 communities of Arabic and Turkish speaking mosques that are situated in the five Wallonian provinces. By being recognized they get a right to organize themselves and receive subsidies like the other recognized religions in the country.

The recognition decision was signed by the Wallonian Minister of Foreign Affairs Phillipe Courard, in presence of the Muslim Executive.

Flanders is currently reviewing the files and will decide on official recognition before the year end. Seven or eight mosques are under consideration. "Currently advice is being sought. For that purpose there will be a conference with the Muslim Executive , the representative organ of Islam in our country. Advice of the local municipalities and the state security service will also be taken into account," said a spokesperson of the Flemish Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The Brussels Region is also waiting for advice from the municipalities on five files which are ready for approval. In total the Muslim Executive had asked the Brussels Region to recognize 30 mosques.

Source: HLN 1, 2 (Dutch)

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