Netherlands: Some evidence of illegal trade

The Turk Islamist movement Milli Gorus is going to investigate on their own if (former) administrators had ever traded in so called "Green Funds".  "If we find out that people within Milli Gorus have sold shares, we will set them as non-active," says manager Yusuf Altuntas.

The organization denies having anything to do with illegal investment funds, by which hundreds of Dutch Turks have been conned for millions of euros.  "No member of the current administration is involved with the shares fraud," says Altuntas.  He also denies that profits from the funds will be used in the Wester Mosque in Amsterdam, which is being built by assignment of a Milli Gorus investment company.

TV program Netwerk reported that receipts that those swindled had gotten for their deposits, were signed by several administrators, among them Oruc Ulucay, secretary for the administration.  He can remember little of it, says Altuntas.  "But we are going to sit with the people and see if that's right."

Despite the fuss over the illegal funds, the supporters of the Turkish movement remain loyal, according to the manager.  Milli Gorus has 35,000 members in the Netherlands.  There are 500 administrators divided to 75 sections.

Source: Trouw (Dutch)

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