Scotland: Hijab banned in football games

"It is ridiculous that I will have to tell the girls that they won't be able to join the league because of this nonsensical ruling. The majority of the girls in our team wear the hijab and it is completely unfair to ask people to choose between their faith and sport. Quite rightly their religion will always come first."

People have always been asked to choose between faith and sports.  If somebody's faith prevents him from participating in a certain sport then it is up to them to decide what they prefer, not for the sport to change the way it is run.

To compare, should a woman who insists on wearing a dress be able to participate in a football game?  Feminism did not force football to change, it enabled women to wear what they want so they can join in.

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Anonymous said...

If your father and your brother and your imam and your nephews tell you that the hijab is good for you, you will wear it, so there is often no real choose for the woman. It's all indoctrination. Ayaan Hirsi Ali wrote a lot about it. (See f.e.
We should disencourage the wearing of scarves as much as possible and not tolerate! Toleration for intoleration will give us intoleration. That's for sure.

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