Denmark: Rassmussen against rising religious fanaticism

Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen used his closing speech to the Danish parliament to show his opposition to religious excessiveness.  His speech Tuesday revolved around dealing with religious fanaticism and defending liberalism and freedom.

"The rise in religious fanaticism is inconceivable.  We see it among others in Iraq," said Rasmussen, when he spoke about the situation in the country. Denmark has been involved in the Iraq War in the past few years.

But at the same time, Rasmussen added that the international effort is necessary.  Both because Denmark as the peaceful democracy has a responsibility to help other oppressed places in the world to freedom and peace, but not least for their own obligation.

"We do it also in consideration for our own security.  To prevent extremism and refugee wave from Africa by ensuring young Africans a better life and brighter future prospects in their own land," says Rasmussen.

Source: Berlingske (Danish)

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