Groningen: Student refuses niqab compromise

A female student from the University of Groningen refused to make an agreement with the university about wearing a niqab, according to a university spokesperson. The Dutch law student had gotten a week to think things over and to decide if she wants to wear her face veil during exams and discussion meetings.

The niquab is not forbidden by the university, but during exams the student must identify herself. Also during specific parts of courses such as presentations, she must take off her veil. The student said she is willing to do so if there would be a female surveillant during exams. The administration of the law faculty will soon decide if the veil may be worn during other parts of courses.

If the student won't identify herself for an exam there is a chance she will be disqualified from that exam, says a university spokesperson. "The ball is now in her court. She decides herself what happens if there is no female surveillant present. The university is in any case not going to call in extra female surveillants. We have no given out the rules and she has to hold by them."

The law faculty administration will meet Wednesday to discuss the situation. It would then also be considered if the faculty will add a stipulation in the regulations regarding wearing a face-covering veil.

Source: Trouw (Dutch)


According to a University of Groningen spokesperson the university will ask the law faculty to make sure that there is a female surveillant present during exams, in order to identify the veiled student. The issue of presentations is still open since the student currently does not have to do any.

Source: Groninger Internet Courant (Dutch)

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Anonymous said...

How ridiculous. This should not be open for any form of discussion. Chuck her out. Otherwise you will have everyone taking the exam wearing masks.

Kiddo said...

This reads like a calculated move to me. Any reasonable person would understand the need to be identified for an exam and could at least compromise. I hope that a precedent is thus set here that this sort of behavior will not be tolerated.