Sweden: Refugees should support incoming relatives

Refugees who want their relatives to move to Sweden could be forced to support them and provide them with accommodation, under a new proposal from the Moderates. While immediate family members would not be affected by the change, which will be debated at the party conference in the autumn, the Moderates argue that it will encourage asylum seekers to move to areas where there are jobs. To be entitled to bring relatives into Sweden, refugees would be required to show that they can support themselves and their relatives, and are able to provide them with living space, reported Svenska Dagbladet. The Moderates' party secretary Per Schlingmann pointed out that this was already the case in the majority of European countries. "Sweden should be an open country for people who are fleeing, but we should also set requirements," Schlingmann told SvD. "This is a very clear incentive to move to counties where there is work - that is what will make it possible for them to welcome their relatives."
Source: The Local (English)

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