Ghent: Planned prison break

Police discovered escape plans of two prisoners in the Ghent De Nieuwe Wandeling prison. One of the prisoners is from former Yugoslavia, sentenced for murder and has already sat in jail for 10 years. The other is Turkish, sentenced for attempted manslaughter and has been sitting for 8 months.

A guard is suspected of being part of the plan. The guard, who made a partial confession, is suspected of smuggling in a large amount of money and a weapon. The discovery led to a large scale search of the prison with every cell being searched. Prison officials were happy to report that besides a few handmade knives they did not find weapons or other forbidden materials.

Two women have also been arrested in the case - a girlfriend of the Turkish prisoner who is of Turkish background and a Belgian acquaintance of hers.

Source: HLN 1, 2 (Dutch)

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