Utrecht: Shelter for Muslim converts

The Utrecht organization "Islaam-for-all" is starting up a shelter for Dutch girls who convert to Islam and have been kicked out of their house due to it.

The shelter would offer place for 4-6 converted Muslim girls from all over the country.

The often young converts are in many cases forced to choose between their new religion and their family, says the initiator Kathelijne Veenstra, who converted 3 years ago.

"Especially parents who had already mapped out a whole future for their daughter, react violently. 'if you come home with a veil one more time, I'll break all your bones!' is then shouted."

Girls who meet problems after their conversation are currently accepted by the regular shelters. But that is "not ideal" says Veenstra. In the project for converted Muslims the girls can work on restoring contact with family and friends together with fellow converts and in a stable environment.

Researchers and social workers in Utrecht are aware of the problem, but concrete numbers are not available. Two girls arrived at the crisis shelter of the Utrecht Meidenhuis this year for problems after they had converted. "We regularly meet girls who get to the street after they convert," says department manager Marienek. "Girls are often told that they must choose between their parents and their Muslim friend. That makes it very difficult. Staying in touch is very important because it's still your kid. Wrenching doesn't yield anything."

Source: AD.nl (Dutch)


FreeSpeech said...

WHO is kicked out and needs shelter? But then, that's probably correct. These converts are not killed.

Anonymous said...

OTOH, apostates need graves.