Antwerp: Fight over pregnancy

The question is: if the father doesn't want to take responsibility, where does that leave the expectant mother?


A quarrel between two Moroccan families last night got out of hand. The reason for the quarrel was an unplanned pregnancy. The dispute ended with shooting in a residence in Antwerp. Five people were arrested.

A daughter of a family from northern French city of Lille got pregnant by the son of the Antwerp family. The future father refused to take responsibility, causing great anger by the girl's family.

Five of her family members came to Antwerp last night to talk about the "problem". A quarrel started off, in which there were punches and even shots. Nobody was hit by the shots, but two people were lightly wounded by the skirmish.

The five took off in their car, but the police soon caught up with them and finally they crashed into the police car. The five - 4 adults and one minor - were arrested. The weapon, an alarm pistol, was confiscated.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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