Oslo: The non-veiled Muslim

"Fatima", an 18 year Kurdish-Iranian, was attacked on the streets of Oslo this past week by a Pakistani couple.

Fatima believes the attack was provoked by her Western style short dress and says she refuses to let extreme Muslims decide what she should wear or do. Her family is not religious and both her mother and sister wear normal Norwegian dress.

"Many react that I get permission to have a Norwegian boyfriend and go out without a veil. A boy I know said one time that if I had been his sister he would have killed me. Then I answered that luckily I was't his sister and I had my own limits."

Fatima's brother was also scolded for not taking care of his sister's and familie's honor. The youth say that they notice a difference from North-Norway, where they lived before, and østlandet where there are more Muslim immigrants.

"Many behave as if they continue to be home home in Kabul or Teheran. I think more than 90% of the Muslim girls in Norway must submit to the men and live by their orders. Many girls are treated as slaves and by Islam women don't have their own freedom," says Fatima's brother Erfan.

He knows that she is sticking her hands into a relgious and political wasp's nest when he critizecize Islam's attitudes towards women but thinks it is time for people to dare discuss the issue.

"See what happened when Kadra was attacked after she criticized the Koran's attitude towards women. But nobody dared to touch the debate afterwards," says Erfan.

Source: Dagbladet (Norwegian)

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Anonymous said...

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