Lokeren: Moroccans shot

Saturday night a 36 year old man in Lokeren shot an 18 year old Moroccan. He had been arrested on suspicion of attempt to Murder.

The man opened fire at a group of Moroccan neighbors since he "felt threatened". One got two bullets in his stomach and was brought in critical condition to the hospital.

The shooter explained that he complained by the police earlier since he had seen around his house a group of immigrants that he suspects of dealing. He commented and was, according to him, told clearly to mind his own business. The man felt threatened and complained by the police. He was then sent home.

Thereupon he went for a walk with a pistol (9mm). The man is a member of a shooting club. On the way back he again saw the group of immigrants. He against felt threatened and opened fire.

"He fired off six bullets," said a court spokesperson Theo Byl. "One man got two in the stomach area." The shooter said he did it "not out of racism" but because he felt driven into a tight spot.

According to
CD&V council Meki Ahaddour of Lokeren, the shooter had "racist" motives and that he shot his victims only because they were Moroccans.

Source: HLN (Dutch)

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John Sobieski said...

Ah yes, the glories of multiculturalism. Allah save the Moroccans.