Norway: "Koran exhibit" upsetting Muslims

A new exhibit by Morten Viskum is upsetting Muslims. The exhibit, titled "Son of Abdulla" shows a wax figure of the artist kneeling with his back to a neon sign saying "Mecca", with a Koran in front of him.

Ali Duymaz, head of the Drammen immigrant council is himself a Muslim, was interviewed a few months ago and said his only problem was with the media portrayal of the exhibit.

Duymaz said he sees nothing wrong with the Mecca sign since it is not obvious that the man is praying with his back to Mecca. "In in the work of art the wax figure reads in the Koran, it is something else than praying. I see this as an advertisement for the Koran," he said.

Now that the exhibit opened in Drammen, it seems Muslims are upset over the use of the Koran and Duymaz says that the immigrant council did not approve the exhibit beforehand.

About 50 Muslims were creating a ruckus when Duymaz passed by. He removed the Koran which, apparently, was his.

Viskum, who is known for his provoking exhibits, said that his intentions were to build bridges between Muslims and Christians.

Sources: VG, NRK (Norwegian)

More of Viskum's work can be seen here

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