Almelo: A fuss about a burkini

Visitors of the Almelo (Netherlands) pool Het Sportpark have complained to the manager about a woman that came to swim with a burkini last week.  The Muslim woman was taking part in a reintegration project, and spots are part of the program.  Therefore she had gotten a bathing suit in Turkey which completely covers her body, head, legs and arms.  A day later the pool received mails with racist texts, saying for example, that the woman should go back to her own country.

The woman had gone to the reception before starting to swim, so according to manager Erik Busscher her visit was not a surprise.  He does not understand the whole fuss.  He says she had swimming lessons in Vriezenveen and that people there were also first surprised but after a couple of weeks things calmed down.  Additionally, he says, there's a fuss here on Sinterklaas if people don't get their traditional biscuits with their coffee.

The manager doesn't see any reason to prevent the woman from entering.  Her swimsuit was made of the proper materials and did not cover her entire face.  He says that anybody may wear whatever they want, as long as it's made from the proper swimsuit materials.  Therefore, regular clothing, with pockets and buttons that can damage their slides are not allowed.

Buscher has no objections as long as the swimsuit doesn't cover the face.  People with eczema on their hands can also come swimming with plastic gloves on.
Nonetheless, Busscer has turned to the Almelo municipality to ask them to take on the discussion that had started about 'what we all allow in the Netherlands".  Busscher will submit the question about the burkini to the local reintegration office.  If they'll insist on banning it, the pool will do so.

Source: Volkskrant (Dutch)

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