Södertälje: Swedish intifada 2

Södertälje has a large Assyrian community of about 30%.   Both Ronna and Hovsjö have a large immigrant community, made up especially of Syrian Assyrians and Finns.


This past week a bus in Södertälje was attacked with rockets.  Helena Sundberg of SL (Greater Stockholm transport service) says that it can't go on any longer, as they can't guarantee the safety of the drivers and passengers.

Stone throwing has been going on all throughout the fall. 
Kjell Hägglund, security head of Swedbus, which drives buses through Södertälje for SL, sounds resigned.  It's the same old thing.  The youth throw stones at the buses.  Now they've started shooting rockets and throwing bombs as well.

Friday night things went too far.  First, at midnight, several youth threw stones at a buss in Ronna, hard enough to break a window and land on one of the seats.  Then, at about three, a buss was attacked in
Hovsjö.  The bus was just coming back when the driver saw four, five youth take position on the road and each fired a rocket at the bus.  Anders Arvsin of Swebus in Södertälje says that the driver threw himself to the floor and thankfully was not hurt.

The windows didn't break, but blackened completely, and the bus walls were damaged. 
Anders Arvsin is not surprised of what happened.  He himself had driven the bus in Ronna and Hovsjö.  Youth throwing stones has become commonplace and has been going on and off for about two years.  He says people are prepared for it to happen, especially when driving at night.

The police haven't managed to stop the youth, but Anders Arvsin still thinks the politicians are mostly responsible.  The police is doing everything they can, but the politicians just don't seem to see the problem. 
Hovsjö is starting to look like a slum in an American film.

SL and Swebus have decided to stop all traffic after 6pm, at least until the New Year's.   After the holiday there will be a meeting between SL, Swebus, the police and social services in Södertälje.  Kjell Hägglund says things must change.  He wants the parents to be engaged.  They're currently missing in the neighborhood and that must change.

Source: DN (Swedish), h/t
Muslimska friskolan (Swedish)

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Unknown said...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Assyrians are a Christian community aren't they?

Esther said...

Hi Kip,

Yes they are. So are the Finns.

Unknown said...

It's a bit cackeyed to call it an 'Intafada' when the rioting communities are neither Arab nor Muslim, isn't it...?

Why not just call the post 'wogs behaving typically'?

Esther said...

Hi Kip,

It depends. I think that throwing stones or shooting at buses that are there to serve you, is making a statement.

As for 'behaving typically' - I have not collected all the news items about how Europeans behaved typically last night when everybody went on a rampaging party.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was OK to arrest Christians. Only Muslims are beyond the law.

Unknown said...

Well, here is Australia unruly mob behaviour is sadly not unheard of.

We've seen it from Lebanese Muslims, but many other migrant communities as well -- and even on occasion from our own 'lower classes' (the unemployed and underemployed), much to our embarrassment.

I don't condone violent mobs, by the way, regardless of whether they are Finns, Europeans or Anglo-Saxons.

I just find the term 'Intafada' unnecessarily pejorative. It implies, quite unfairly (both in this instance and generally in Western society), an Arab or Muslim activity.

Unknown said...

...by which I mean, of curse, an exclusively or characteristically Arab or Muslim activity...

Anonymous said...

Hey, in Sweden they attack bus with rockets, you're lucky, that's original !

Here in France, they allways use stones and molotovs, that's boring.

Anonymous said...

It's NOT the Finns who are throwing stones and shooting rockets in ONE town in Sweden. This has been going on since last summer in almost ALL towns of more than 50.000 inh. It's definitely muslims who are attacking us "infidels". The scope is big enough for the media to be unable to ignore it altogether, but at least they try as always to diminish its magnitude ("just boys playing somewhat carelessly, you know"). The Muslim opressors, for the moment living here as the government's special guests under "refugee" status are showing their gratitude. Don't deceive yourselves. This is a one way street to hell. It's going to get a bit bumpy, but there's no option: we have to break out and go offroad.