Denmark: The anarchists, the skinheads, and the immigrants

Two stories, through the Danish Uriasposten blog.

While anarchists were occupying a factory building in Vejle, local hoodlums amused themselves by shooting airsoft gun bullets at the hooded activists.  Anarchist portal criticizes the police for not being there when the activists needed them.

The anarchists were occupying an empty factory in Vejle and were attacked by stones, bottles and firecrackers.  Only this time it wasn't the police or neighbors being attacked, but rather the anarchists themselves.

"Tanja" says that the occupiers, sitting in the empty factory on the outskirts of the city, were attacked by about ten people and describes them as a mix of local skinheads and immigrant youth.

Besides bricks the local hoodlums brought a softair gun with them as well, which they used to shoot at the building's windows.  According to the occupiers, the evening's dramatic highlight was when the attackers managed to detonate firecrackers in the building's first floor, where several of the occupiers were at the time. reports that during the attacks the activists said nothing to the police, and the police first appeared at noon, when it was time to remove the occupiers.  The police arrests 13 anarchists who, besides one, were all released after a few hours.

Meanwhile, Jyllands-Posten reports of teenage hoodlums throwing bottles at skaters at the Aarhus Concert Hall.  The police was called several times to the skating lanes because youth aged 12-16 were throwing bottles on the ice.  Tuesday it happened once more, and when the police arrived they got them to sweep up the glass shards.

Laust Jacobsen of Østjyllands Politi says they get many reports of harassments and shoving, and they keep close watch on the skating lanes.  Their patrol car passes by every so often.  Typically there's a group of 10-15 very young 2nd generation immigrants that causes the uproar.

Sources: 180 Graders (Danish), Jyllands-Posten (Danish)

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