Italy: Leonardo Da Vinci might have been Arab

Leonardo Da Vinci may have been an Arab, according to scientists who have studied a single, complete fingerprint found on one of his paintings.

The print, taken from the artist's left index finger, was discovered after an exhaustive three-year trawl through his works by researchers at the University of Chieti.

Professor Luigi Capasso, an anthropologist who led the team, said the central whorl of the fingerprint was a common pattern in the Middle East.

"Around 60 per cent of the Middle Eastern population have the same structure," he said.

The revelation will give weight to the increasingly popular academic theory that Da Vinci's mother, Caterina, was a slave who came to Tuscany from Istanbul.

Alessandro Vezzosi, an expert on the Renaissance genius and the director of the museum in his hometown of Vinci, said: "We have documents that suggest she was Oriental, at least from the Mediterranean area.

"She was not a peasant of Vinci. Furthermore, her name was Caterina, which was very common among slaves in Tuscany at the time."

Source: Telegraph (English)


FreeSpeech said...

There are other facts indicating da Vinci was an Arab: He had two feet and two hands, just like the Arabs.

FreeSpeech said...

I should add that almost 100% of the Arabs have two hands and two feet.

Anonymous said...

he looked more like a jew to me, he had a jew nose ya know.

Anonymous said...

oh, and:

Arab /= Islam
Persian /= Islam

3 complete different things. hmmmk...

cocoliso said...

This is a complete hoax: 55% of Middle easterners has whorls fingerprint patterns ; 45% italians have the whorlpatterns : only 2% of humanity has a central whorl pattern. The method of infering ethnicity by fingerprint is completelly obsolete and abandonned since the end of XIX th century. What is also omitted is that in a more recent work Leonardo's DNA has been reconstructed and .. his haplogroup his R1B : the Haplogroup of Western Europe Upper Palaelithc survivors. Regarding his nose has nothing of a jewish nose, it is a dinaric nose; The dinaric racial type is among thecommonest racial types of Northern and central Italy