Denmark: Daughters of immigrants more likely to go out to work

Daughters of Turkish immigrants in Denmark don't want to stay home like their mothers. The girls follow their brothers out to the job market.

New data from Denmark's Statistics show that 68% of women, 20-24 year old, with Turkish roots, were working last year. For men in that same group that was 69%. Among 25-29 year old this was 67% for women and 70% for men.

The immigrant decedents differ from the group of Turkish immigrants, where the gender differences are quite big. Among 25-29 year old immigrants, 73% of men and 44% of women were working in 2006.

The data comes from a new annual report "Immigrants in Denmark 2007" with statistics about immigrants and their decedents in Denmark.

Source: Berlingske Tidende (Danish)

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