Denmark: Ties to Spanish terrorist cell

Shortly before his release, Danish Moroccan Said Mansour was found to be involved with an international terror cell in the northern Spanish town of Burgos.

Spanish police have found material that calls for holy war, and which was produced by Said Mansour's publishing company Al Nur Islamic Information, according to Jyllands-Posten.  The Spanish police arrested six people in Burgos in October, who are suspect of belonging to a cell that recruited youth to fight in Iraq, collected money for it and distributed material about holy war, including bomb manuals.

Among the materials seized were CDs produced by Said Mansour's publishing company, says the Spanish interior ministry. 

There have also been money transfers between Denmark and Spain in this case.

Said Mansour was sentenced to three and a half years in prison for inciting to terrorism.  He was jailed in September 2005 and therefore had only a short time till he would have been released.

Source: DR (Danish)

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