Netherlands: Imam retracts accusations

Imam Ethem Oztürk of Hengelo (Netherlands) is retracting allegations he had made of the local hospital Midden-Twente.  In June this year the imam of the Aya Sofia Mosque publicly accused the doctors of the hospital of making mistakes in the operation of his wife, earlier this year.

He did so in a page long article that appeared in the Turkish newspaper Dogus, and which is widely read by Turks in Twente.  In the article Oztürk named all the medical staff who were involved in his wife's operation.  Meanwhile, the imam had notified the hospital's administration  that he had gone too far with his accusations.

Last month the Dogus published an explanation from Oztürk in Turkish.  According to Kasim Samutoglu of Dogus, who had translated the text, the imam says that his accusations were 'baseless'.   The explanation's  translation says that he's retracting his accusations until the investigation is completed.

Oztürk does not apologize and says he's not sorry for his words.  He says his lawyer is already doing everything necessary in connection with the case.  The imam has yet to lodge any complaint against the hospital.

Oztürks lawyer M. Camps had said in June that he thought his client's actions were terribly dumb.

Source: TC Tubantia (Dutch)


FreeSpeech said...

"Oztürks lawyer M. Camps had said in June that he thought his client's actions were terribly dumb."

Quite an understatement.

Anonymous said...

Just another grateful immigrant. muslims are such peasants.

Anonymous said...

Another example of muslim's impossibility to pronounce the word sorry. If they make mistake, everytime it's someone's else failure, never theirs.