Denmark: Muslims forced to join school Christmas ceremony

47% of students at Nørremark school in Vejle are not ethnic Danish, but all students are expected to go to a Christmas ceremony in the local church - also Muslims. The children will sing psalms, hear the Christmas story from the Bible and will say the Lord's prayer with a priest.

Mourad Dalibey is a spokesperson for a group of parents who want the Christmas church service to be optional for kids who see it as against their faith. His son, Hakim, goes to the school and will have to take part in the ceremony. Hakim's mother is Danish and he will celebrate Christmas with his grandparents, but he is also a Muslim and thinks it's wrong that he has to go to church.

Mouared Dalibey, a member of the Vejle city council for the Social Democrats, says it's completely fine that the school has a tradition to have the Christmas ceremony in a church, but it should be voluntary for the kids if they take part in it or not. He says the school's administration does not respect that Denmark has freedom of religion when all the children have to go to church and sing Christian psalms.

Henrik Berggreen Jessen of Nørremark school rejects the criticism and says that they're a traditional Danish school which celebrates Christmas, Easter and Whit Sunday. They therefore have a traditional ceremony with a Christmas concert. He adds that the law requires them to get the children familiar with Danish culture and history and that they do so by having a Christmas ceremony in the church. If the parents are against it, they should show him which law he's not abiding by.

He denies that children are forced to do anything, saying that whoever wants to sing will do so, and that it's all about enjoying the day.

He also says that the school doesn't have the resources either in accommodations or in teachers, to enable the students to choose to stay in the school during the ceremony. The school doesn't have room to accommodate all 500 students, and since the teachers will be present at the Christmas ceremony, there is no possibility to let children stay at the school.

Sources: Politiken (Danish), Jyllands-Posten (Danish)


Anonymous said...

in Greece you can not in role your child in school if he or she are not baptist in Orthodox Greek church. You have show baptist certificate.

So dude they will keep doing this till they push all Muslim out of west. The question is should send them the Christians in Islamic world as exchange????

Anonymous said...

Should the Muslims force the Christian children to go to pray in Mosque during Eid?

What you think Esther?

Anonymous said...

This is wrong. It sets an unacceptable precedent.

Anonymous said...

what is wrong?

Esther said...

hi anonymous,

Following up on this article:
UK: Muslim peer says cultural issues can be criticized, I think that this school does not differentiate between culture and religion. I don't think any child should be forced to practice a different religion.

Anonymous said...

What do I think is wrong with it? If Muslims are forced to attend Christian ceremonies, then a p0litcally correct legal system will force the reverse upon non-muslim kids. There's no way I'm cooperating with that. said...

They (the muslims) are free to change school for the children, if they don't like how the school is managed.

The same is true for christian or atheist parents. They will decide if an islamic school is up to their standards for thier children.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Esther!
in the middle east mainly in Syrian, Jourdan, Egypt and Palestine there is Christan schools and parents could could to send there children there.

Anonymous said...

Should the Muslims force the Christian children to go to pray in Mosque during Eid?

the moslem of indonesia are so generous to christian children that it has no bounds no limits, absolutely no force just kindness understanding attendivness